The Case for a Left-Right Partnership

After reading this terrifying piece, I increasingly feel that our only hope of saving our democratic norms and institutions from ruin is to impeach Donald Trump. To do so, Republicans in Congress will need to rise up against him – and for that to happen, their constituents will need to guarantee that calling for impeachment will result in their reelection, not put them at risk on Election Day.
This leads me to an uncomfortable conclusion: that our best chance of taking down Trump will come from supporting principled Republicans in red districts and red states who are willing to call out Trump for what he is – a narcissistic, wannabe dictator.
What groups are out there trying to organize these principled Republicans against Trump? And how can we support them? If you have any ideas, write them in the comments below.
(P.S. The other option is to retake Congress for the Democrats in 2018, which I fully support – but given Trump’s track record, I fully expect him to try to rig the election results in his favor. We should be pushing for impeachment starting today rather than putting all our eggs in the 2018 basket.)

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